It’s corny, but we did it…..we have to admit it. We were 3 years in business and just getting started. Over the years, we cleaned up the operation and dropped the various products from the store. Today, we are cabinets only! New and First Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets…….100% of the store is cabinets only. Disregard the various products in the video, but for the few old-timers (the name we use for people who remember the first 10 years) this was the start of the store. We’re proud of how we started and what we’ve become. And it is word-of-mouth and our loyal customers that keep us in business. 10,000 kitchens later, we are proud to be locally owned.

NOTE – we started Salvage before Home Depot and Lowe’s was “Home Depot and Lowe’s”. Lowe’s had dumpy stores and Furrow’s was the nicest store in-town – with that awesome drive-in lumber yard. Remember, the Lowe’s on Tiverton and at New Circle – it was tight aisles and dimly-lit stores. Contractor’s Warehouse popped in town in 1996 and was a great store for a few years. Now, they are the Clark Forklift Testing HQ. Furrow’s is a local government facility now. Builder’s Choice came to town and moved to 6-7 locations before finally throwing up their arms and leaving.

So, for the few of you kinda confused, we are Salvage Building Materials, but don’t really have salvage materials. It’s a name passed down from our first parent store in Winston-Salem started nearly 40 years ago. Today, we are independently owned and our focus is exclusively cabinets. We know cabinets! Our employees have a combined 80 years of cabinet designing experience. The real salvage store in Lexington is THE RESTORE on Southland Drive. People have simply referred to us as the place on Angliana that sells cabinets…..Salvage Building Materials, cabinet shop on Angliana, builder supply on Angliana, Angliana Cabinets, Salvage Shop, whatever… all works. Just come see us!