Keep Calm And Open For Business As Usual

In this extraordinary time, we are business as usual. Our large warehouse provides ample social distancing and extra efforts to clean the counter frequently are conducted. In addition, handles on the push carts are cleaned every time they visit the counter. We are also asking that customers take our free pens for credit card signatures and not reused. It is our belief, with diligent and smart precautions, there is no need to be scared and buy 200 rolls of toilet paper or close operations.

Our business with 30,000sqft rarely has more than 10 customers at one time. Furthermore, it is possible to enter our warehouse through the overhead doors, browse, and not touch a thing. If you want to purchase cabinets, then tell us the sizes and we will load your truck. If you want consultation on design, we will be delighted to review your dimensions.

We are currently not working face-to-face with custom designs. If you drop your dimensions, we will gladly complete the kitchen design with 20/20 software and return the results promptly. Changes and modifications can be completed via telephone or email. We understand this limited contact can be frustrating, but it is the safest method for the current moment. In most cases, with a basic kitchen remodel or flip, we can complete a kitchen design in 10-15 minutes with all relevant information like windows, outlets, heights, and other particulars.

At the present moment, business as usual, normal hours, and if you are sick, then stay home. Common sense in an uncommon world.

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm
Closed Sunday